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Precision Cleaning is the process of removing unwanted substances, such as dirt, infectious agents, and other impurities, from an object or environment. 
The importance of part cleanliness cannot be understated.  Manufacturers that might have once dismissed this type of cleaning have surely discovered that their highly engineered devices can be rendered inoperable by particles too tiny to be seen with the naked eye. 

Our Precision Cleaning and Verification Methods are performed within our Custom-Built 15,000ft² CLASS 7 Clean Room per ISO-14644-1 with CLASS 5 laminar flow workbenches.  It is capable of accommodating tiny parts and assemblies as large as 11’ W x 50’ L x 11' H in size.

QPC is capable of, but not limited to a variety of the following Precision Clean types:

  • LOX Cleaning

  • Ultrasonic Cleaning

  • High Purity Solvent Cleaning

  • Aqueous Degreasing

  • Abrasive Cleaning

  • High Pressure Flushing

Applicable Specifications:

CGA-4.1, SN-C-0005, MIL-STD-1246, IEST-STD-CC1246, KSC-C-123, MIL-STD-1330, MIL-STD-1359, NAS1638, ARP1176, MA0110-301, STP0407, STP0531, ASTM F311, ASTM F331 , ISO14952, ISO4406, RA0110-018, 1P00071, 5-75192, RA1110-025, STP0637, HBPS-06-009